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Top Five Things to Look for in a Water Ionizer!

There’s never been a better time in life to buy a water ionizer than right now, so what are the five main practical things to look for when it comes to purchasing one of these fascinating machines?

water ionizer
What should you look for in a water ionizer?

A water ionizer is a complex piece of technology: every Tyent water ionizer is the result of pioneering design and elite engineering.

But a water ionizer also has to be easy to use and fit seamlessly into family life – and your kitchen!

What to Look For In A Water Ionizer

1) Location, Location, Location

Where is your water ionizer going to go?

Are you looking for a sleek and stylish machine that will be on view, enhancing the look of your kitchen?

Or, maybe space is more of a premium and you need a water ionizer that tucks neatly away under the counter?

Either way, we have you covered!

2) What’s Your Budget?

Beware of water ionizers that are significantly cheaper than anything else in their product group – they might come with a few nasty surprises.

We have some AMAZING water ionizer deals right now…and what’s cool is that we also offer sensible, attractive financing terms to help balance the books.

3) Easy to Use

A simple point, but an important one!

Each Tyent water ionizer machine is operated using a smartphone-style fingertip control pad.

It doesn’t just look fabulous – remember that kids will drink more water if it tastes great and it’s easy (and kind of fun!) to grab a glass!

4) A Guarantee to Count On

If that water ionizer you’ve been eyeing up recently comes with a five- or ten-year guarantee – ask yourself why.

When you’re making an investment, you want your investment to last a long time. The reality is that five years goes by pretty fast…and it will be here in the blink of a flash.

Come to think about it, if a company is only prepared to guarantee a water ionizer for five years, how much faith do they really have in their product?

And if the company itself doesn’t have much faith in their own water ionizer, why should you?

Every Tyent Water Ionizer comes with a nailed-on, no-quibble Lifetime Guarantee. See how much faith we have in our machines?

Tyent can offer this UNBEATABLE guarantee because we know how good our water ionizers are at “talking the talk and walking the walk.”

5) How Good is The Water?

Pretty important stuff to consider, right?

You can start by identifying what exactly is in your local tap water with our FREE Water Report.

Then think about just how important filtration technology is…

A water ionizer must have filters that are:

  • Easy to replace
  • Able to remove contaminants and bacteria from your source water
  • Strong and durable

Here are two awesome facts about a Tyent water ionizer filter:

  • They offer the same level of filtration as a kidney dialysis machine
  • They can remove over 200 contaminants, including up to 99% of lead, mercury, beryllium, uranium, and fluoride when a two-bank filter is fitted.
alkaline water
Rick Springfield is an avid drinker of Tyent alkaline water.

Put a Tyent Alkaline Water Machine in Your Home For the Healthiest House on the Block

Curious to learn more about what our award-winning water ionizers are capable of?

Here are a few things that you can do:

What are you waiting for? The sooner you start drinking the health benefits from Tyent Water, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards!

water ionizer

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Ring in the New Year with a Water Ionizer!

Did you host an NYE party, or did you go to one to ring in the New Year?

Ringing in the New Year can be a blast – but the day after can hurt if you throw all caution to the wind!

water ionizer
Did you party for NYE? The morning after doesn’t have to hurt. Just use a water ionizer!

Luckily, we’ve got some amazing tips to help you reset and recover the next morning so that your New Year’s Day can feel bright and beautiful!

1) Pre-Hydration and Antioxidants

Make sure that in the days leading up to the big night, you drink plenty of water.

But it’s not just water you need. If you’re planning on enjoying a few glasses of alcohol, oxidative stress on the liver is a big cause of feeling ill the day.

Antioxidants will shore up your system…and lots of fresh fruit and raw or lightly-cooked vegetables are a good way to get antioxidants that your body needs.

What’s even better is that Tyent Water from your water ionizer isn’t just more hydrating than regular water – it contains oodles of natural, liver-friendly antioxidants as well.

2) The Big Night!

If you choose to drink alcohol, then don’t drink too much too quickly, and ALWAYS drink AT LEAST one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume.

Eat a healthy, balanced meal before the festivities kick off and don’t turn down any appetizers or finger foods that come your way.

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is a bad idea!

3) The Morning After

water ionizer

There are some foods that are positively awesome for kicking any headaches into touch.

Whole grain toast with avocado and scrambled eggs contain the right kind of healthy carbohydrates, minerals, and fats to support a stressed-out liver…helping you to feel like yourself again.

Add a glass of fresh hydrogen-rich alkaline water from your water ionizer and a slice of watermelon with a handful of berries on the side…and it will be like the night before didn’t even happen!

4) Make 2019 the Year of the Water Ionizer!

Drinking water is essential for a healthy life – especially ionized alkaline hydrogen water.

A water ionizer machine is the best investment in your health you can make for 2019.

Click on our awesome eBook to learn of some surprising uses of alkaline water from water ionizers – then give our team a call at (855) 893-6887 to find out more.

alkaline water
Tell us where to send your FREE copy of the ULTIMATE Alkaline Water Uses Guide here!

Happy New Year everyone!


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Look Five Years Younger in 2019! How a Water Ionizer Can Help You Glow!

We drink water to stay hydrated and keep our bodies functioning at healthy levels. But drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water from a water ionizer can have an incredible effect on the way you look too!

water ionizer
Can a water ionizer help YOU look five years younger?

New Year, New You?

Every New Year – we tend to focus our minds on self-improvement and what it will take to look and feel our best.

It’s the perfect time to sit back and think about how drinking alkaline hydrogen water from a water ionizer machine can keep you looking radiant and more youthful.

Wait…seriously? Water can make you look younger?

Not all water can, but ionized alkaline water is different!

One of the main causes of how our skin ages are how our skin reacts to the free radicals that we’re constantly surrounded by.

Present in UV rays, fumes, and pollution, free radicals can do some scary stuff to our skin when left to their own devices.

To combat the “scary stuff” caused by free radicals – drinking water straight from the water ionizer gives you an IMMEDIATE BOOST of antioxidant-rich hydration for a glow that no expensive, anti-aging face cream can imitate!

Youthful Energy From Your Water Ionizer

But looking five years younger isn’t just about your skin and face.

As we get older, we find that our energy levels get depleted faster. You only need to look at the way kids run around and play to see that youth = energy.

Thankfully…you can get more of this youthful energy by drinking straight from a Tyent water ionizer.

The naturally occurring hydrogen in our ionized alkaline water energizes EVERY single cell in your body for a bounce in your step that knocks off the years!

Look Who Loves Tyent Water!

If you need any more evidence as to why you should drink our hydrogen-rich alkaline water – anything that’s a good enough energy-booster for THESE athletes is pretty persuasive and should do the trick!

Leap Into 2019 with Us!

water ionizer
A Tyent water ionizer can help you glow and look five years younger!

Most of us want to leap into the New Year feeling positive, healthy, and energized.

If we don’t, then we at least have a New Year’s resolution or three in place to get us working towards feeling that way!

The Only New Year Sale You Need!

And the best thing about all this?

There is literally NO better time to buy one of our award-winning water ionizers to start enjoying the benefits of alkaline water than RIGHT NOW.

You can luck in on some of our most jaw-dropping sale prices EVER in our incredible New Year sale!


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7 Water Ionizer Benefits!

To better understand the advantages of alkaline water, here are the 7 benefits of ionizing water.

In this article:

  1. Avoid Dehydration
  2. Antioxidants to Combat Free Radicals
  3. Weight Loss Support
  4. Hydrogen Water Benefits
  5. Mineral Water
  6. How To Wash Fruits and Vegetables
  7. Clean, Safe Water You Can Trust

Water Ionizing Benefits That Boost Your Health


Water Ionizing Definition: The process of raising water pH to alkalinity by electrolysis.

Praises for Ionizing Water

water ionizer | 7 Benefits of Water Ionizing
We always love to hear someone singing our praises!

You know that alkaline water delivers all kinds of brilliant benefits, but what are the top reasons that most people sing the praises of their water ionizer? We’ve rounded up the 7 most awesome, life-enhancing aspects of owning an alkaline water ionizer machine and having that fabulous alkaline water literally on tap!

1. Avoid Dehydration

All water quenches your thirst, but ionized alkaline water is up to 6 times more hydrating than regular water, which is great news for athletes or anyone who enjoys working up a thirst playing sports.

2. Antioxidants to Combat Free Radicals

According to, “free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage cells causing aging and illness.” We all know by now that free radicals are the bad guys, thriving in our bodies to accelerate aging and decay. But, did you know that ionized alkaline water is jam-packed full of antioxidants that help neutralize those pesky free radicals? Antioxidants essentially lessen the negative effects of free radicals by providing the electron free radicals are missing. In doing so, the reactivity of free radicals is reduced

3. Weight Loss Support

Alkaline water can help you lose any excess weight that’s bothering you while boosting your overall health in the process!

4. Hydrogen Water Benefits

Hydrogen is really astonishing stuff, and ionized alkaline water is brimming with it. The stuff of life itself — hydrogen’s positive effect on our bodies — is constantly stunning the medical profession. A pilot study took a look at the effects of hydrogen water, specifically for muscle fatigue. The results showed that athletes that hydrated with hydrogen water displayed improved muscle function and lower blood lactate levels.

RELATED: Water Ionizers and the Magic of Hydrogen 

5. Mineral Water

Unlike distilled water which often removes both the positive and negative minerals, alkaline water is rich with them. Even better, those minerals become more bioavailable as a result of the ionization process — meaning your body receives and utilizes the minerals more effectively.

6. How To Wash Fruits and Vegetables

It’s Turbo water straight from your ionizer, brilliant stuff for around the house. Ditch the chemical cleaners and welcome a whole new way to keep your home clean!

7. Clean, Safe Water You Can Trust

ionizer benefits | 7 Benefits of Water Ionizing

In these days of escalating concern over America’s water, knowing that the water you and your family are drinking is clean and safe is not to be underestimated. The Tyent water ionizer filters water the same micron level as kidney dialysis machines, for complete peace of mind.

Let this infographic be your guide. Download it now and use it as a reference later.


infographic | 7 Water Ionizer Benefits!


With the ionizing benefits listed above, you’ll have more reasons to drink alkaline water at home. Getting an alkaline water ionizer for your family makes every drop of water at home healthier and cleaner. So, don’t miss out on the incredible benefits of alkaline water and grab your own ionizer now!

Do you have a water ionizer at home? What do you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on October 11, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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3 Reasons to NEVER Drink Reverse Osmosis Water

In this article, find out why reverse osmosis water can be worse than untreated water.

In this article:

  1. What Is Reverse Osmosis?
  2. 3 Reasons to Never Drink Reverse Osmosis Water
    1. Reverse Osmosis Water Does Not Have Minerals
    2. It Doesn’t Hydrate as Well as Alkaline Water
    3. RO Is Extremely Wasteful

Reverse Osmosis Water | Here’s Why You Should Avoid It As Much As Possible


What Is Reverse Osmosis?

What Is Reverse Osmosis? | Reasons to NEVER Drink Reverse Osmosis Water

“Reverse osmosis water” is a fancy scientific term used by many these days. You produce it through reverse osmosis (RO), obviously. It is a process of purifying water, but most people don’t know what an RO system is.

It is an issue for one crucial reason.

Without understanding how the reverse osmosis filtration works, it is difficult to see the disadvantages of the system. Reverse osmosis water is not safe for human consumption.

It is also not good for the environment. Later, you will know why.

What is reverse osmosis?

RO is a method of removing contaminants from the source water by applying pressure. The machine lets the water flow through a series of artificial, semi-permeable membranes to further remove impurities.

Many homes and businesses use it for many different water purification purposes.

At home, RO systems should help “improve” tap water. Some industrial-scale water purification plants also use them.

Unfortunately, reverse osmosis is not as effective as a water treatment solution. It can create massive problems.

3 Reasons to Never Drink Reverse Osmosis Water

Just like distilled water, Tyent discourages drinking reverse osmosis water. Here are the reasons:

1. Reverse Osmosis Water Does Not Have Minerals

Part of the definition of reverse osmosis water is it is “purified water.” It means all the sediment, heavy metals, hard minerals, nutrients, viruses, and bacteria (both the good and bad) are no longer present.

Recent worldwide studies focused on the health risks of drinking demineralized water discovered:

Drinking water should contain minimum levels of certain essential minerals . . . . Sufficient evidence is now available to confirm the health consequences from drinking water deficient in calcium or magnesium.

– Frantisek Kozisek, National Institute of Public Health, Czech Republic

In contrast, Tyent alkaline water quality maintains high levels of antioxidants. It also contains essential nutrients like magnesium, which is essential to human life.

2. It Doesn’t Hydrate as Well as Alkaline Water

It Doesn’t Hydrate as Well as Alkaline Water | Reasons to NEVER Drink Reverse Osmosis Water

Alkaline water can hydrate the body more efficiently than tap water.

Meanwhile, all indications cite how reverse osmosis water is less hydrating than even untreated water. This is because RO water has zero electrolytes.

When the machines filter the water, they also remove them.

Zero Electrolytes and No Antioxidants = Less Hydrating Water

Of course, alkaline water is rich in antioxidants and electrolytes. These help hydrate the body and neutralize harmful free radicals.

Electrolytes Definition: A combination of dissolved salts, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. All together, they regulate the flow of water of the cells. They are also essential in maintaining nerve impulses.

3. RO Is Extremely Wasteful

A 2013 study by researchers at North Dakota State University revealed:

An RO unit delivering 2 gallons of treated water per day may discharge 8 to 15 gallons of waste water per day to the septic system.

– Tom Scherer, Ph.D., and Roxanne Johnson

To produce reverse osmosis water, the machines have to expel 4 to 8 times the amount of waste as they do potable water!

Tyent water ionizers use filtration and alkalization. These processes treat 100% of the water that enters the unit.


Hveragerthi’s channel discusses how reverse osmosis and distilled water works and what it does to your body when you drink it:

With all these downsides, here’s our suggestion: drink alkaline water. It is very much the opposite of reverse osmosis water.

A water ionizer is more efficient than an RO system. It also produces mineral-rich, ultra-hydrating alkaline water.

Never drink reverse osmosis water again. Instead, use a Tyent water ionizer to create alkaline water.

Have you tried a water ionizer? What was the experience? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below. Don’t forget to read our Tyent Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide for more information.

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on April 30, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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5 Unique Ways to Improve Brain Performance (Unique Ways To Improve Your Life Series – Part I)

How can we boost brain power? Believe it or not, human brain health can be improved with just a few tweaks in our lifestyle. Read on to find out how!

In this article:

  1. How to Improve Brain Function
  2. Work Smarter, Not Harder
  3. Feed Your Brain
  4. Reduce Stress
  5. Exercise Your Brain
  6. Hydrate Your Brain!

Increase Brain Power and Get Better Cognitive Skills


How to Improve Brain Function

How to Improve Brain Function | Unique Ways to Improve Brain Performance (Unique Ways To Improve Your Life Series - Part I) | Brain Power

It’s entrenched in our learning from a young age – work hard. If you want to succeed, put the hours in. Slog away.

But we need to rethink that a little.

Your brain isn’t a machine. It’s a brilliant, complex, organic organ. Rather than flog it like a mule to get the best out of your brain, you need to treat it like a thoroughbred racehorse.

We’ve “brainstormed” five ways to improve your brain activity and performance by just making a few tweaks to your lifestyle.

1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder | Unique Ways to Improve Brain Performance (Unique Ways To Improve Your Life Series - Part I) | Brain Power

Research shows that the brain responds most favorably to working intensively for 60 minutes followed by 10 minutes resting time. It’s known as the 60-10 rule.

Your brain needs time to refuel in order to perform at it’s brilliant best, so give it some downtime. The brain may be at work 24/7 but it still needs time off from heavy cognitive function.

2. Feed Your Brain

Certain nutrients are excellent for cognitive function, with omega-3 at the top of the list. Good sources include tuna, salmon, sardines, walnuts, broccoli, pinto beans, and pumpkin seeds.

Fish oil may also aid in mild memory loss and mild cognitive impairment. This brain food not only boosts the mind’s function, but it’s also a great supplement for the heart, liver, and other organs.

3. Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress | Unique Ways to Improve Brain Performance (Unique Ways To Improve Your Life Series - Part I) | Brain Power

In a busy life, this is a hard one, but you really must take steps to reduce stress levels to help your brain work properly. Too much stress can damage your brain’s ability to process memories and to retrieve past events or knowledge. Practice deep breathing or yoga for stress relief.

4. Exercise Your Brain

Your brain needs blood pumping efficiently around your body, delivering precious oxygen, in order to thrive. Aerobic exercise, in particular, is great for stimulating essential brain activity.

5. Hydrate Your Brain!

We saved this vital one for last, but it’s one of the most important.

Drinking plenty of liquids, especially alkaline water improves cognitive function and regulates all kinds of neural processes.

If your brain becomes dehydrated, it actually shrinks. It, then, has to work much harder than a properly hydrated brain.

Drinking plenty of hydrogen-rich, antioxidant Tyent water is possibly one of the very best things you can do for your brain!


Get more tips on how to improve your memory and boost your brain power in this video from Ron White Memory Expert – Memory Training & Brain Training:

Of course, all of these things are important for good health anyway. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a healthy mind and body?

When you know that a few simple changes can directly help your brain to be healthier and smarter, then it’s definitely worth a try!

Want to learn more about Tyent Water Ionizers? Click on our fantastic Cheat Sheet for more amazing facts! And if you have more suggestions on how to improve brain power, share it in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 31, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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Slowing Down the Aging Process with Alkaline Water

Find out how Tyent ionized alkaline water can help reverse aging process in this article.

In this article:

  1. What Causes Aging?
  2. Tyent Ionized Hydrogen Water for the Skin
  3. Inside Out
  4. Change Your Water, Change Your Life
  5. How Can Your Water Ionizer Keep You Young?
  6. Get Up to Speed with Slowing Down Aging!
  7. What Are Other Natural Ways to Slow Down Aging?
  8. The Expert’s View

What Alkaline Water Does to Reverse Aging Process


What Causes Aging?

Aging is the result of time on the human body. It’s broad and occurs on the following different levels: cellular aging, hormonal aging, accumulated damage, and metabolic aging.

The primary causes of aging are free radicals, inflammation, glycation, and stress. These causes cannot be avoided at some point, but too much of them can speed up the aging process.

Tyent Ionized Hydrogen Water for the Skin

Tyent Ionized Hydrogen Water for the Skin | Slowing Down the Aging Process with Alkaline Water
So, we learned that applying Tyent ionized hydrogen water to your skin helps slow down the process of aging. This revelation means you can ditch the expensive anti-aging creams and stay looking youthful the natural way!

Inside Out

But, how about inside your body?  We can see the effect of normal aging on our skin, but we can’t see how it affects our bodies.

Plenty of people will vouch for the fact that you can feel it though!

Age is blamed for aches, pains, lethargy, and a host of other ailments that somehow seem to creep up on us.

Change Your Water, Change Your Life

This is where drinking Tyent Water can really make the kind of difference that changes your life. Seriously?

Yes! If you’ve got used to living with aching joints, decreasing energy, and an overall loss of va va voom, then to wake up without those signs of natural aging is genuinely life-changing!

How Can Your Water Ionizer Keep You Young?

It has a lot to do with free radicals.

The pesky things are everywhere: free radicals are present in pollution, exhaust fumes, and UV rays, which means they’re pretty much everywhere in the developed world. They are, so far, so unavoidable.

So, if we can’t avoid them, we have to beat them. For that, you need antioxidants.

We can find naturally anti-inflammatory antioxidants in certain foods, but one of the most effective ways of ensuring we’re getting enough is to drink antioxidant hydrogen water.

Water replete with immune-boosting antioxidants is proven to have a nullifying effect on free radicals, which makes a tangible difference to your overall health.

Get Up to Speed with Slowing Down Aging!

Get Up to Speed with Slowing Down Aging! | Slowing Down the Aging Process with Alkaline Water
Your next decade could be your healthiest yet.

Let’s think back to those symptoms of the natural aging process: aches and pains, lack of energy, and maybe even feeling mentally less sharp than you used to be. Scientists believe that inflammation in the central nervous system intensifies as the years go by.

Clinical studies emerge all the time, identifying new ways in which hydrogen water can benefit health.  Specifically, it is proven to aid, improve, and alleviate symptoms relating to:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dementia
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Abdominal complaints

Installing a Tyent ionizer and having your own supply of freshly ionized hydrogen water literally on tap could be the best way yet of knocking one of the wheels off time’s winged chariot!

What Are Other Natural Ways to Slow Down Aging?

Aging process cannot be avoided, and what you can do is to simply slow it down. You can make some changes with your lifestyle to prevent premature aging.

  • Avoid Too Much Stress

Too much stress, holding onto grudges, and anger can significantly cause damage internally and externally. Stress, for example, can trigger headaches, heartburn, rapid breathing, increased depression, and many other damaging effects.

What you can do is reduce your stress levels by incorporating meditation, like joining yoga classes, to improve both physical and mental health.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep every day is important because it’s the perfect time to recharge your body.

Get some sleep at least 7 or 8 hours a day. This helps lower stress levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

If you feel sleepy during the day, take a nap because your body needs it. You only have to listen to what your body says because it knows what it needs.

  • Socialize

Socialization is healthy and keeps you young and going.

Keep a good and healthy relationship with others, laugh and have fun with them. Doing so does wonders to you long term.

Stay connected to the people you love and try to meet new ones. Enjoy the adventure of connecting with other people.

  • Exercise

Perform a daily exercise or any form of physical activity for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week. Keep moving as it helps all the organs in your body to move as well.

You can simply take a walk with your dog outside. Through this, you won’t just perform your workout but also create a stronger bond with your pet.

  • Don’t Smoke

Smoking is never a good thing for your health.

If you’re a smoker, do your best to quit the vice. Doing so will stabilize blood pressure, improve circulation, and reduce the risk of any cancer development.

  • Eat Well

Eating well does not only mean eating healthy stuff but also avoiding processed foods. Added fat, salt, and sugar in processed foods can wreak havoc in the body, leading to serious chronic diseases or age-related diseases.

Add more fruits and veggies, high-fiber foods, and lean proteins when doing groceries. Cut back on junk foods and soft drinks.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

Hydration provides many health benefits, such as body cleansing, making skin supple, keeping your body cool, and promoting cardiovascular health. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep you hydrated.

You know the drill as to which type of water is the best. Get your own Tyent water ionizer now and enjoy the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

The Expert’s View

The medical establishment is very excited about the incredible benefits of drinking ionized water. Check out why now in our free e-book!


Watch some testimonials to see how alkaline water has helped them in this video by Water Ionizers from Tyent USA:

Aging is unavoidable, but you can always do something to slow it down. Follow a healthy lifestyle and switch to drinking alkaline water to achieve the best results.

Start doing what you have to do now before it’s too late!

What other benefits of drinking alkaline water did you personally experience? Share them in the comments section!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on April 27, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Lemons and Alkaline Water

You know what they say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” We mean that literally and figuratively.

In this article:

  1. A Lemony Life
  2. 3 Surprising Facts about Lemons
    1. Lemons Have an Alkaline Effect on the Body
    2. The Oil of the Skin isn’t Sour, it’s Sweet!
    3. Age- and Cancer-Fighting Properties
  3. Make Lemonade with Alkaline Water!

Health Benefits of Lemons And Alkaline Water


A Lemony Life

A Lemony Life | Things You Didn’t Know About Lemons and Alkaline Water

Are lemons good for you?

Actually, if life gives you lemons, you are in luck because they are not only versatile, they’re really healthy, too. That’s because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which act in the body in a similar way as alkaline water.

Everyone knows that lemons, like all citrus fruits, are high in vitamin C, which helps boost the body’s immune system. Lemons are also rich in calcium, potassium, and magnesium, and carotenoids (the compound that gives lemons their yellow color).

Yet, it doesn’t stop there! Here are 3 more things you might not know about lemons and alkaline water.

3 Surprising Facts about Lemons

1. Lemons Have an Alkaline Effect on the Body

Although lemon juice is acidic, when it is processed by the body the result is an alkaline effect. Adding lemon juice to your water can be a great way to increase its pH to alkalinity.

2. The Oil of the Skin isn’t Sour, it’s Sweet!

The Oil of the Skin isn’t Sour, it’s Sweet! | Things You Didn’t Know About Lemons and Alkaline Water

We think of a lemon as a sour, acidic fruit, but that is really only the juice. The skin is quite sweet.

This is the reason why bartenders add lemon peels to cocktails and why pastry chefs often use lemon zest in dessert recipes.

The essential oil in lemon skin adds sweetness to drinks and cakes and makes them smell delicious.

But, remember: Drink in moderation and enjoy alcohol with alkaline water to prevent dehydration!

3. Age- and Cancer-Fighting Properties

Lemons house a high concentration of natural chemicals known as limonoids which are present in all citrus fruits.

Limonoids are antioxidants that are currently the object of much attention in the medical field.

Researchers are also excited by the prospect of limonoids being used to fight cancer and lower cholesterol.

These citrusy fruits have already been widely used in skincare and cosmetics. That’s thanks to its concentration of antioxidants.

It fights off free radicals, preventing the skin from oxidizing and prematurely aging.

Make Lemonade with Alkaline Water!

Make Lemonade with Alkaline Water! | Things You Didn’t Know About Lemons and Alkaline Water

All you need are ingredients you can find in your kitchen:

  • Lemons
  • Green apple
  • Alkaline water
  • Olive oil
  • Sea salt

Toss them all into a blender. Blend on high speed, and voila! You’ve got your alkaline lemonade to fuel you and keep you hydrated.


If you only have time to make lemon water, it’s still healthy! See the benefits in this video by Healthline: Authority Nutrition:

Lemons are amazingly healthy little fruits that only get better when mixed with alkaline water and you don’t have to limit yourself to eating them raw.

To maximize the health benefits of lemons in your life, a Tyent water ionizer is a necessity. So, when life gives you lemons, mix them with Tyent alkaline water!

What other health benefits of mixing a lemon and alkaline water do you know? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 14, 2016, and has updated for quality and relevancy.

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Why Water Ionizers Are Your Dentist’s Best Friend!

Who doesn’t love Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas? Well…dentists don’t…because they see first-hand the negative effects that eating too much candy and sugary desserts can have on your teeth!

water ionizers
Can Water Ionizers Prevent You from Saying, “Trick or Teeth?”

In fact, the holiday season is very tricky on our teeth – what with the spookiest night of the year followed swiftly by the sweet delights of Thanksgiving and then, of course, Christmas.


Maybe the colder weather that many of us are used to come October, November, and December is a factor as well.

That slice of juicy watermelon that satisfied the kids back in July is a whole lot less tempting in November!

A slice of warm apple pie or sticky caramel pudding can be just the ticket on a cold evening…but not so great for our teeth.

Sugar Shocks

Many people try to keep their teeth nice and clean…and they don’t skimp on trips to the dentist. But when candy time comes calling, we need to be mindful of the temptations and step up our dental routine.

But first – how does sugar directly damage our teeth? Well…the truth is…sugar doesn’t.

However – sugar is the CATALYST for a natural process that ultimately harms our vital tooth enamel.

Plaque Attack = Bad News!

Sticky plaque is a dynamic bacterial substance that constantly forms in your mouth, coating your teeth and gums. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

The truth is…bacteria LOVES sugar. When we eat sugar – acid starts to form in our mouths, working rapidly on our tooth enamel.

The bad news is that every time you eat sugar, you stimulate the plaque in your mouth to produce acid for 20 minutes after you’ve finished eating.

No wonder dentists remind us to brush after every snack!

Water Ionizers and Alkaline Water = Good News?

Yes…there’s good news…

Tyent Water is alkaline. Drinking alkaline water from a Tyent Water Ionizer can help neutralize those damaging acids in our mouths.

When you drink Tyent Water or even use it as a mouthwash, your teeth can really benefit. Not only that…our award-winning water ionizers are essential for healthy teeth because Tyent Water is chock-full of molecular hydrogen, antioxidants, and minerals we need. Talk about some awesome alkaline water benefits!

Let’s be realistic here…it’s very difficult to go sugar-free all year round.  If you currently do – then great job!

But for those of us who enjoy a sweet treat in moderation…here are two key tips that will keep your teeth (and your dentist) happy:

  • ALWAYS brush your teeth and floss immediately after snacking
  • ALWAYS drink Tyent Alkaline Water!

For other key health tips – you should check out this FREE Water Ionizer Cheat Sheet.

water ionizer
Drinking hydrogen water from a Tyent water ionizer machine can bring out that healthy, happy smile!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving to be here already so that you can enjoy watching football while munching on turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing?

If you’re looking for a way to make your Thanksgiving cooking healthier this year – water ionizers can help.

Call us at (855) 893-6887 to learn about some of the unique ways!


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10 Reasons Tyent Water Ionizers Will “Leaf You” Smiling

We know…that title’s so cute that you’re probably already smiling! But let’s dial-up that smile even more below with 10 reasons why Tyent Water Ionizers will make this fall the most fabulous one yet!

water ionizers
We guarantee that one of our Tyent Water Ionizers will “leaf you” smiling!

1) Fantastic Filters

Nothing outperforms a Tyent water ionizer filter!

Benefiting from some of the most advanced and pioneering technology in the world, our 4-stage Chromium-6 Filter is capable of removing 99.9% of Chromium-6, 99% of lead, and up to 99% of mercury, beryllium, uranium, and fluoride! (if a two-bank filter is fitted)

2) Hydrogen Water Hero

Our award-winning water ionizers use hydrogen boost technology to create the healthiest, antioxidant-rich, hydrogen alkaline water in the world.

This is all made possible with molecular hydrogen (H2) that can directly penetrate the cells in your entire body. H2 is proof that amazing things really do come in small – make that microscopic – packages!

You literally can’t have too much hydrogen water in your life. Talk about super hydration!

3) Take That, Free Radicals!

In the modern world, oxidative stress-causing free radicals are everywhere.

It’s impossible to avoid them, although we can take steps to reduce how many of these unstable atoms stay in our bodies by cutting down on alcohol and deep-fried foods, and by refraining from smoking.

And of course, by drinking Tyent Water! Every glass of our hydrogen-rich alkaline water contains loads of natural antioxidants that help to neutralize free radicals and toxins throughout your body.

4) Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You know…if a water ionizer company thinks their products are so great, how come so many of these companies only offer a 5- or 10-year guarantee period?

We know that Tyent Water Ionizers are the best in the world and built to the very highest specifications.

We back this up with an unmatched, no-hassle Lifetime Guarantee!

5) Trial Period

Feel confident about your purchase of any Tyent water ionizer machine with our unbeatable 75-day trial period.

No risk, no worries! We know you will LOVE how our hydrogen alkaline water tastes and makes you feel!

How’s that for peace of mind?

6) Magnificent Minerals

Tyent Water Ionizers are pretty smart – and not just because our machines come built with smartphone-inspired, interactive touch-screen technology that’s easy to use with one touch.

Our ionizers ONLY filter out the bad stuff swimming around in your water, leaving natural, essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, and calcium intact to help your body thrive!

7) Clean Green Home!

Tyent Turbo Water is amazing to use around the home – especially in the fall!

Ditch the chemical cleaners and use Turbo Water instead to enjoy sparkling surfaces in every room!

water ionizer
Let the eco-friendly cleaning begin this fall with a Tyent water ionizer!

8) Easy Pay, Easy Budgeting!

We all need to watch the family budget at times, especially with <whispers> Christmas waiting patiently in the wings.

You can continue stashing money away for those Christmas presents by taking advantage of our easy, pocket-friendly payment options.

Apply today so that you can own the water ionizer of your dreams and pay later!

9) Tastier Tomatoes!

Really? Yes!

Take a look at this amazing video clip at 10:02 of the BIG difference between washing fruit and vegetables with acidic Turbo Water compared with regular water.

You won’t be able to keep this video to yourself!

10) The Tyent Team!

With all these amazing facts about Tyent Water Ionizers – we sure hope that we’re “leaf-ing you” with a smile on your face!

Do you have any questions for us?  Our award-winning team is here to answer them.

No one knows more about Tyent Water Ionizers than our customer care heroes – so give them a call at 855-893-6887 and test their knowledge!

alkaline water
Elevate your morning routine with the benefits of alkaline water!