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Winter Colds, Fluids, and How a Water Ionizer Can Help With The Sniffles!

The winter cold season is here, riding into town on its usual fanfare of coughs, sniffles and weakened moans. Its arrival is anticipated by all…but welcomed by no one.

water ionizer
Been struck down by the dreaded winter cold? A water ionizer can help!

How a Cold Dehydrates Your Body

One of the best things you can do for your body when seasonal viruses strike is to hydrate it.

The reality is…it’s easy to get dehydrated when you have a cold.

Your body loses moisture through sweating if you’re unlucky enough to get a mild fever…and then there’s that annoying runny nose.

You might also not feel like eating and drinking properly with a bad cold.

How to Rehydrate Your Body

The old-as-the-hills remedy of “drink plenty of fluids!” holds true, but glass after glass of tepid tap water is hardly an exciting prospect!

Instead, try rehydrating with one of our super-tasty fluid fixes!

1. Bone Broth

Most cultures have enjoyed a variation on good old-fashioned bone broth for hundreds of years.

Essentially vegetables, herbs, and chicken or beef bones simmered in water to create a savory, nutritious stock – the bone broth is comfort itself.

Prefer to avoid meat? Enjoy a rich, soothing vegetable broth instead.

2. Herbal and Fruit Tea

Ginger and honey are particularly good remedies to help alleviate the common cold, but there are dozens of varieties out there, so pick your favorite!

With no caffeine and no need to add milk (which is thought to make viral mucus thicker), herbal and fruit teas are great to sip and soothe.

3. Tyent Water

water ionizers
Tyent Water Ionizers: A remarkable way to better health!

Start drinking from a Tyent water ionizer and notice the difference right away.

Tyent Water is more hydrating than regular water and is packed with powerful antioxidants, natural hydrogen, and vital minerals to support good health.

Alkaline hydrogen water made from a Tyent water ionizer tastes fantastic too!

Let’s Chat About a Tyent Water Ionizer!

You can have an award-winning Tyent water ionizer machine fitted at home quickly and easily.

Why not call up our brilliant customer care team at (855) 893-6887 to learn more about the health benefits of alkaline water?

water ionizer

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Frugal January? Five Tips For a Thrifty New Year (And How a Water Ionizer Can Help!)

After the crazy excesses of Christmas, many people are tempted to tighten their belts in January and save money wherever possible. It’s becoming quite the trend, with thousands of people taking up the mantle of “frugaleer” and marching forth into the New Year with the intention of saving money or preferably, not spending money at all.

Want to spend less? Read our awesome tips on how to be fabulously frugal!

This is a tall order in our consumer-driven society, but there are ways to make penny-pitching both practical and (relatively) painless!

Check out our Five Tips for a Thrifty New Year (and How a Water Ionizer Can Help!) below and start saving now!

Thrifty New Year Tips to Help You Save Money

1. Brush Up Your Kitchen Skills!

We all want to eat healthy food…and learning how to cook food for yourself is the BEST way of getting maximum nutrients, while also saving your hard-earned money.

If you have a hoard of hungry stomachs to feed, then try to get into the habit of making a huge pot of casserole, chili, or pasta sauce packed with veggies and bulked out with lentils in substitution of expensive meats.

Plus – it’s easy to freeze for “instant” meals later in the week!

2. Learn to Love Leftovers

With a few basic cooking skills, you can soon learn how to turn last night’s dinner into today’s lunch.

Cooked potatoes can easily become delectable fishcakes or unexpectedly mouth-watering veggie burgers.

Cooked pasta can be tossed with an endless list of tasty ingredients to make a fabulous pasta salad.

Once you start loving leftovers, you’ll have a ton of fun thinking up all sorts of creative ways to use them!

3. Commute the Commute

If you work or study outside the home, how do you get to work?

If you drive or use public transportation – could you get to work under your own steam?

Walking and cycling to work are both awesome forms of exercise. If it’s possible for you, then try it!

4. Ditch Plastic Bottles and Get a Water Ionizer!

Plastic water bottles are ridiculously expensive, sometimes contain nothing more than repackaged tap water, and ditching plastic bottles is the right choice for the planet.

The alternative? Install a water ionizer at home and you can hydrate with delicious, filtered alkaline water that’s rich with antioxidants and hydrogen, at the push of a button.

The cost per glass? A whopping 6¢!

5. Clean Home, Green Home With a Water Ionizer

Forget costly chemical (and toxic) detergents and switch to keeping your home shiny and clean with a Tyent water ionizer machine!

Acidic water from the Turbo setting on our award-winning water ionizers is perfect for countless jobs around the home and even better – no health warnings required!

water ionizer
Household cleaning is made safer and easier with Turbo Water from a Tyent Water Ionizer!

FREE Things from Tyent!

Cheap is great…but free is even better!

Check out all this FREE stuff that’s up for grabs right now and start thinking about what you’ll treat yourself to with all this money you’re saving during your thrifty New Year!

Call us today at (855) 893-6887 to learn more about the antioxidant-rich hydrogen water that a Tyent water ionizer can make for you to enjoy whenever you’d like!

alkaline water
Tell us where to send your FREE copy of the ULTIMATE Alkaline Water Uses Guide here!
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Probiotics | 4 Health Benefits

Probiotics are a type of good bacteria that provide numerous health benefits. Let’s take a look at how and why they are good for you.

In this article:

  1. Not All Bacteria Are Bad
  2. Why Does the Gut Need Bacteria?
  3. What Are Probiotics and How Can They Improve Gut Flora?
  4. What Specific Benefits Can You Gain From Taking Probiotics?
  5. How Can You Start Taking Probiotics?

The 4 Health Benefits of Probiotics


Not All Bacteria Are Bad

Young woman perfect abdominals cooks | Health Benefits of Probiotics

What are probiotics? These are the type of good bacteria that provide numerous health benefits. They can be taken as supplements, and you can also get them from eating certain foods that have been prepared by bacterial fermentation (like some kinds of sauerkraut).

Nearly every part of the human body is inhabited by some forms of microorganism. These microorganisms can be viruses, yeasts, or bacteria. Most of them are bacteria.

Bacteria live in the gut, in your nose and ears, on your skin, and basically everywhere else in and on the body. This may be alarming to some, but a lot of bacteria are actually good for you. Certainly, some bacteria can cause illness, but other bacteria are essential for your survival and overall health.

The majority of bacteria in your body is in your gut. In fact, some experts say that most people have at least 1000 or more different types of microorganisms in their gut at any one time, and most are bacteria. The majority of the bacteria are harmless, and when you have a good equilibrium of gut bacteria, it is advantageous for your health, providing numerous benefits.

Not everyone has a natural equilibrium of this good bacteria. And this is where probiotics come in.

Why Does the Gut Need Bacteria?

You may hear of gut bacteria referred to as microbiota or gut flora. Same experts also called this gut flora the “forgotten organ”, because the flora in the gut act very similarly to how an organ operates.

Flora in the gut does a lot for your digestion and overall health. It creates essential vitamins like B and K vitamins, it stimulates your immune system, helps prevent unwanted toxins and other substances from entering your body, and even feeds and strengthens your gut wall. Most of all, it has a large impact on your metabolic functions.

Many diseases can be linked directly to unbalanced gut flora. For example, depression, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, obesity, colorectal cancer, and type II diabetes are all connected to a gut flora that is unbalanced.

Specifically, those with digestion issues can benefit from improving their gut flora. Digestion problems that can be aided by better gut flora range from more minor issues like gas, constipation, bloating, and diarrhea to more serious problems like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease.

Even people who are having trouble losing weight because they are overweight or obese can benefit from improving the flora in the gut. Significant weight loss in these individuals can then go on to improve many other related health issues such as type II diabetes, heart disease, and more. We’ll discuss more benefits of improving your gut flora with probiotics later on in the article.

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What Are Probiotics and How Can They Improve Gut Flora?

Probiotics are essentially friendly bacteria taken in supplement form. They are living microorganisms. When you eat probiotics or take probiotic supplements, they go into your gut and thrive there, providing numerous benefits.

There are dozens of groups of probiotics, and each group has within it various species. Furthermore, each species has a host of different strains. This means there are a lot of strains of probiotics available. Certain probiotic supplements will contain only one or two strains, while others will contain a broad spectrum of various types of probiotic strains. These are fittingly called broad-spectrum probiotics. The two most common groups of probiotics are Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus.

What Specific Benefits Can You Gain From Taking Probiotics?

Healthy fitness woman good stomach digestion | Health Benefits of Probiotics

1. Reduced Digestion Issues

As stated above, probiotics can do wonderfully at reducing the risk of contracting a digestion related health issue. For those who already have digestion issues, probiotic strains like Saccharomyces boulardii (a yeast) and Lactobacillus casei may be beneficial. They can help diarrhea especially. Many people who have antibiotic-associated diarrhea (diarrhea that comes on after taking one or several rounds of antibiotics) often take probiotics to reduce symptoms.

2. Better Heart Health

Probiotics have been shown to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and improve blood pressure, both of which will contribute to a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

3. Improved Immune System

Immune disorders seem to be on the rise among Americans, and probiotics appear to help reduce symptoms in those with immune disorders or prevent the disorders from altogether.

4. Weight Loss

Being overweight or obese is a serious health problem among many men, women, and children. Overweight and obesity contribute to a long list of secondary health issues such as cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, depression, arthritis, other joint problems, stroke, and many others.

Taking probiotics help fight unhealthy weight gain by reducing gut inflammation caused by the intake of processed foods and by triggering the release of the satiety hormone which then, triggers the burning of calories.

How Can You Start Taking Probiotics?

Beautiful pregnant woman eating | Health Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics are available in most pharmacies, health food stores, and large grocery stores. Do your research to find a probiotic supplement that meets your needs as probiotic brands, strengths, and strain makeups can vary widely. Keep in mind that some probiotics need to be stored in the refrigerator.

If you would like to get your probiotics from your food, there are various foods that can be either fortified with probiotics or have them naturally. These include:

  • Kimchi
  • Tempeh
  • Kombucha
  • Sauerkraut and pickles
  • Miso
  • Yogurt
  • Kefir

Researchers and medical professionals are still learning more about the benefits of probiotics and what they can do for your overall health. But the majority of research has revealed that bacteria are an essential part of how your body functions and more friendly or good bacteria can only help you.


Learn more about probiotics in this video from Doctor Mike:

Consider taking a probiotic supplement on a daily basis in addition to leading a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular moderate exercise. As always, speak to your doctor before taking any new supplements or medication.

How do you make sure you get enough probiotics in your daily diet? Let’s talk about gut health in the comments below.

Up Next: How Water Ionizers Can Help Your Gut Instincts!

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15 Benefits Of Drinking Water

Are you wondering why experts recommend that you drink 8 glasses of water a day? Here are 15 benefits of drinking water that will answer that question.

In this article:

  1. Maintains Your Body’s Fluid Balance
  2. Keeps Your Heart Healthy And Strong
  3. Boosts Brain Power
  4. Helps Your Kidneys Function
  5. Keeps Your Digestive System Running Smoothly
  6. Enhances Your Immune System
  7. Fuels Your Muscles
  8. Regulates Your Body’s Temperature
  9. Helps You Burn Fat And Lose Weight
  10. Gives You Clearer, Healthier-Looking Skin
  11. Fights Bad Breath
  12. Keeps Pain Away
  13. Battles Headaches
  14. Helps Prevent Sprains
  15. Remedies Hangovers

Benefits Of Drinking Water | 15 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking More Water


1. Maintains Your Body’s Fluid Balance

Woman performing inverted stand beside seashore | Benefits Of Drinking Water

Water makes up about 60% of the adult human body. It keeps your body running smoothly, helping it perform its tasks, like delivering oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, more effectively.

2. Keeps Your Heart Healthy And Strong

Your heart never stops working as it pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood per day. Gulping a few extra glasses of water helps your heart do that job.

One of the best health benefits of water is that it keeps your cardiovascular system in great shape, as it maintains the proper viscosity of blood and plasma. It also helps in fibrinogen distribution. Keeping your heart hydrated allows it to pump blood more easily, thereby feeding your muscles with more oxygen and nutrients.

3. Boosts Brain Power

The brain is composed of 73% water. Being dehydrated by as little as 2% reduces your cognitive and motor skills. It impairs your performance in tasks that need attention, psychomotor and immediate memory skills.

Fueling your brain with water helps it focus, think, and stay alert. It ups your energy levels, keeping you in a better, overall mood.

If you feel like you are starting to drift off from a task you are doing, drinking a glass of water could help get you back on track.

4. Helps Your Kidneys Function

Sweaty overweight woman drinking water after a long run | Benefits Of Drinking Water

On a daily basis, the kidneys process about 50 gallons of blood. During this process, it sifts out waste products and transports urine to the bladder. That is where the water comes in.

Consuming enough water helps the body flush out toxins through urine and sweat. It also protects you from urinary tract infections (UTI) and kidney stones. It increases the volume of urine that passes through the kidneys and dilutes the concentration of minerals, making them less likely to crystallize and form clumps.

While the body is able to detoxify naturally, drinking water eases the burden the process puts on our organs.

5. Keeps Your Digestive System Running Smoothly

The benefits of drinking water also include its ability to aid the colon in its functions, keeping you from getting constipated. Water helps your body digest the food you eat. It assists your digestive system in breaking the food down, letting your body absorb the nutrients better.

A smooth-running digestive system is one of the best signs that you are drinking enough water.

6. Enhances Your Immune System

One of the best ways to fight the flu and the common cold is to drink more water. The slightest dehydration could easily make you feel under the weather.

Drinking enough water directly relates to a much stronger immune system. Through a healthier heart that is able to pump blood faster, it delivers oxygen to your body’s cells more efficiently. It also flushes out toxins harmful to your body, keeping your systems functioning properly.

While water is one of the best natural medicines, do not swap this for a trip to the doctor when necessary.

7. Fuels Your Muscles

Man exercising inside room | Benefits Of Drinking Water

Water makes up 79% of your muscles. During those intense workouts, your body consumes more water as it is put through intensive strain. Losing even just 2% of your body’s water content can make you feel fatigued. This reduces your motivation and makes exercising feel more difficult both physically and mentally. Drinking water replenishes your energy, giving you an instant boost to help you get in that final set of deadlifts.

8. Regulates Your Body’s Temperature

The body needs water to properly regulate temperature. Exposure to heat activates the sweat glands, causing them to carry water and salt to the surface of the skin as sweat. It evaporates, cooling your body and keeping it within a healthy temperature.

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9. Helps You Burn Fat And Lose Weight

One of the most surprising benefits of drinking water is that it helps you shave off a few pounds. Aside from acting as a natural appetite suppressant by making you feel full, it also boosts your metabolic rate. It helps in processing fat by-products, making it easier for your body to get rid of fat.

When you feel like you are craving for food, try drinking a glass of water. After a few minutes, that craving will most likely go away.

10. Gives You Clearer, Healthier-Looking Skin

A lot of toxins your body encounters can damage the skin, resulting in clogged pores and acne. Lack of proper hydration could also turn your skin dry, tight and flaky. This makes it more prone to wrinkling. Water helps flush out those toxins, reducing the risk of pimples. It will also help keep your skin moisturized and soft, helping it fight wrinkles.

11. Fights Bad Breath

In addition to the food you eat, bad breath can also be a symptom of dehydration. Drinking plenty of water cleanses your mouth. It washes away leftover food particles as well as oral bacteria that cause bad breath.

12. Keeps Pain Away

Muscle cramps and aching joints are also clear signs of dehydration. Even back pain could be your body’s way of telling you that you need to drink more water. The lack of water could compromise the central nucleus that makes up each disc that supports the bones of the vertebrae.

Supplying your body with enough water keeps your joints lubricated and your muscles fueled. It acts as a great natural alternative to pain medications.

13. Battles Headaches

Tired businessman office working desk having headache | Benefits Of Drinking Water

Lack of proper hydration can cause the brain to temporarily shrink because of fluid loss. This causes it to pull away from the skull, resulting in what is known as a dehydration headache. Drinking enough water prevents and relieves this.

14. Helps Prevent Sprains

Water acts as a natural lubricant for the muscles and joints. Developing healthy hydration habits could make you more flexible, making it less likely for you to experience sprains. It can also help you fight the soreness that usually comes with those killer workouts.

15. Remedies Hangovers

Alcohol causes your body to lose more water than what it takes in, making you dehydrated. This results in that throbbing headache the following day. Replenishing your body’s water supply can stop that incessant pounding in your head.

If possible, take a proactive approach towards drinking alcohol and fighting off hangovers by drinking plenty of water as you consume alcoholic beverages. This should help keep your body well-hydrated even with the diuretic effect of alcohol on the body.


If you want your water to be more fun, just try these detox water recipes in this video by Rawvana English:

There are multitudes of water benefits. While the traditional belief is to aim for 8 glasses of any drinking water a day, opt for alkaline water instead and your body will definitely thank you for it.

How do you stay hydrated? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

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Air Purifier | 4 Ways To Purify Indoor Air Naturally

If you’re looking for the best air purifier, pay attention to these options for nature fresh air purifier!

In this article:

  1. What an Air Purifier Does 
    1. Houseplants
    2. AC Alternatives
    3. Light Up and Purify Your Home the Natural Way
    4. Look Into the Newest Generation of Air Filters

Air Purifier Options to Help Eliminate Bacteria and Mold


What an Air Purifier Does 

Whether you live in your own home, in a rented apartment, or even an RV, indoor air quality is always an issue. In the past, people either turned to expensive, bulky machines to act as an air purifier — or they did without. These days, new technology and the rediscovery of older nature air purifier traditions combine to make clean air a reality for any household.

1. Houseplants

Interior Plants | Air Purifier | Ways To Purify Indoor Air Naturally

It doesn’t get much more natural than plants, right? Studies have shown that houseplants have an amazing ability to improve air quality by removing air pollutants and even bad smells. Among the more useful ones are:

Scented Geraniums (Pelargonium spp.)

These delicate-looking plants aren’t related to outdoor geraniums. They’re not noted for filtering out specific fumes, but they do perform a valuable service nonetheless. They freshen the air with their naturally-delicious scents, to help counteract pet smells, mustiness or other unpleasant smells. Depending on the variety, these indoor plants can evoke nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, rose, oranges, lemons, limes, or even chocolate! They also produce small flowers in various colors — again, depending on the type you choose. Put them in your warmest, sunniest rooms.

Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina)

This tall standing plant thrives in direct sunlight. It also acts as an air filter for xylene and formaldehyde.

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

This narrow-leaved plant can be hung in a shady place or kept on a dresser in an out-of-the-way corner. It’s an ideal home air purifier for clearing carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata)

Well-suited to humid bathrooms, the “snake plant,” as it’s also called, helps filter the fumes from cleaning and beauty products.

English Ivy (Hedera helix)

This trailing ivy loves humid places and only needs about a half day’s worth of sunlight. The plant is prized for its ability to achieve clean air by filtering a variety of impurities.

Aloe (Aloe vera)

People like to keep aloe in the kitchen because the leaves, when split open, soothe cooking burns. As luck would have it, aloe vera also purifies the air of formaldehyde and other fumes found in new countertops, as well as in modern paint and stain products.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum ‘Mauna Loa’)

With the exception of scented geraniums, many air purifying houseplants don’t provide actual blooms. But peace lilies are striking, tall flowers. They’re also practically maintenance-free, preferring less light and water than many flowers. Most importantly, peace lilies clean virtually all common home pollutants from the air.

Note: Before you set out any houseplants, double-check with a site such as the Humane Society for a list of those which may be harmful to pets. If that’s a concern, you can either seek an alternative houseplant or keep it out of the way of your mischievous pet.

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2. AC Alternatives

Air conditioning may feel refreshing on the hottest days, but the machines are notorious for causing breathing problems if not maintained perfectly. Their filters and drip pans can be breeding grounds for mold and other air pollutants. Instead of artificial air coolant systems, turn to some age-old tricks for cooling and purifying your home’s air.

Ceiling fans lower air temperature by several degrees, while also helping to freshen air via circulation. Aside from leaving screened windows open, make sure that there are open windows on different sides of the house or within rooms, for cross-ventilation.

When you’re planning landscaping improvements, keep in mind cooling opportunities from the outside-in. Large trees and shrubs on the south and west sides of your house are the most effective. (Deciduous trees are best. They drop their leaves in the winter, allowing sunlight to provide natural heating when it’s needed.)

Finally, switch up any habits that might be unknowingly contributing to the problem. Ovens and even computers can give off heat. Avoid running heat-giving appliances during the hottest parts of the day. Window treatments that block sunlight but allow fresh air in are ideal. Look for window blinds and specialized valances.

3. Light Up and Purify Your Home the Natural Way

Artificial light has its place. But you can add brightness to a room while giving yourself the gift of clean air. Here are two natural room air purifier options that also provide a soft glow:

Himalayan Salt Lamps

These pink salt lamps are reputed to be natural air ionizers. The ability to neutralize home air toxins is obviously a primary reason to invest in one or two salt lamps. But many people get these unusually shaped lamps for their beauty, along with the natural glow they add to any room.

Beeswax Candles

Not only are beeswax candles classically natural, but they have advantages over the more modern paraffin types. First, they don’t release the fumes that petroleum-based paraffin candles do. Second, they are natural air ionizers. That quality allows beeswax candles to help clean the air of toxins as they bring light and charm to any room.

4. Look Into the Newest Generation of Air Filters

Air Filter Zone | Air Purifier | Ways To Purify Indoor Air Naturally

Today’s home air purifier options aren’t the bulky machines you might be envisioning. Instead, they are plug-in systems that take up virtually no space. The Tyent Elite Air Filter, for example, uses natural humidity and a broad-spectrum ultraviolet light to create the best air filter process possible. It can treat airborne bacteria, mold spores, toxic fumes, and other air pollutants.

Another big advantage to products like the Elite Air Filter? They don’t rely on temporary filters that need to be changed. That means even the most absent-minded householders can enjoy the long-lasting benefits of a room air purifier.


Find out the top 10 indoor houseplants for air purification by facts@WEB:

If you’re concerned about the different types of air pollutants that might exist in your home, consider purchasing a testing kit, or hiring a local service. But it’s also important to understand that it’s easy to establish a number of natural air purifier systems throughout your home, ranging from plants to plug-in natural air purifier filters. Together, they tackle a broad spectrum of potential air quality issues.

What do you need in an air purifier? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Ring in the New Year with a Water Ionizer!

Did you host an NYE party, or did you go to one to ring in the New Year?

Ringing in the New Year can be a blast – but the day after can hurt if you throw all caution to the wind!

water ionizer
Did you party for NYE? The morning after doesn’t have to hurt. Just use a water ionizer!

Luckily, we’ve got some amazing tips to help you reset and recover the next morning so that your New Year’s Day can feel bright and beautiful!

1) Pre-Hydration and Antioxidants

Make sure that in the days leading up to the big night, you drink plenty of water.

But it’s not just water you need. If you’re planning on enjoying a few glasses of alcohol, oxidative stress on the liver is a big cause of feeling ill the day.

Antioxidants will shore up your system…and lots of fresh fruit and raw or lightly-cooked vegetables are a good way to get antioxidants that your body needs.

What’s even better is that Tyent Water from your water ionizer isn’t just more hydrating than regular water – it contains oodles of natural, liver-friendly antioxidants as well.

2) The Big Night!

If you choose to drink alcohol, then don’t drink too much too quickly, and ALWAYS drink AT LEAST one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume.

Eat a healthy, balanced meal before the festivities kick off and don’t turn down any appetizers or finger foods that come your way.

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is a bad idea!

3) The Morning After

water ionizer

There are some foods that are positively awesome for kicking any headaches into touch.

Whole grain toast with avocado and scrambled eggs contain the right kind of healthy carbohydrates, minerals, and fats to support a stressed-out liver…helping you to feel like yourself again.

Add a glass of fresh hydrogen-rich alkaline water from your water ionizer and a slice of watermelon with a handful of berries on the side…and it will be like the night before didn’t even happen!

4) Make 2019 the Year of the Water Ionizer!

Drinking water is essential for a healthy life – especially ionized alkaline hydrogen water.

A water ionizer machine is the best investment in your health you can make for 2019.

Click on our awesome eBook to learn of some surprising uses of alkaline water from water ionizers – then give our team a call at (855) 893-6887 to find out more.

alkaline water
Tell us where to send your FREE copy of the ULTIMATE Alkaline Water Uses Guide here!

Happy New Year everyone!


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Don’t Make Any New Year Resolutions Until You Read This!

Many people are prompted into making New Year resolutions by one of the time-honored methods: a sense of failure about some aspect of their life, standing on the weighing scales, or while having a hard time trying to fasten a favorite pair of jeans (terrible for shrinking in the wash. Ahem.)

new year resolutions
One of your new year resolutions should include drinking alkaline water from a Tyent water ionizer.

Can New Year Resolutions Forged in Negativity Ever Be Positive?

It’s all a bit negative, isn’t it?

Maybe that’s why so many resolutions are doomed to die a quiet death – any resolutions that are forged in negativity are harder to keep alive.

So how about getting into a more holistic, kinder-to-yourself place first and then seeing what emerges.

Who’s on Your Team?

Make a list of the people in your life who make you feel good about yourself.

If you’re lucky enough to have friends who tap into what makes you tick, gently challenge you when necessary, and leave you feeling like a better, brighter, happier version of yourself…then keep them close.

In short – although life is unfailingly busy, try to make quality time for people who bring out the best in you.

Your Year in Review

What did you achieve this year?

We’re not talking about big things necessarily – life is made up of tiny achievements every day. Focus on the ones that stand out to you.

  • What new things did you learn?
  • How do you stand up for yourself in a tricky work situation?
  • How do you stay calm in a crisis?

Think about the tough days you’ve experienced over the last year and any challenging situations you’ve faced…and remind yourself of how much you’ve grown.

Feeling Grateful

What moments during the day prompt you to feel gratitude?

Maybe it’s while you’re sliding into a hot, perfumed bath in the evening, simply being with your family, or sharing time with the people you love.

Take a moment to examine why those moments are heartfelt ones – it can give us a little insight into what is truly important in our lives.

Everyday Eating and Water Ionizer Hydration

Try our tips and then make your resolutions while you’re feeling all that positivity.

You might even find that any New Year resolutions you make have a bit more sticking power!

Healthy eating and staying hydrated should be part of how we live every day, but New Year is a good time to check that you’re getting it right.

water ionizers
Get your fitness goals on track by drinking alkaline hydrogen water from our award-winning water ionizers!

A Water Ionizer in Your Corner for 2019!

Nothing will help you hit your health goals while keeping you energized and feeling good about life like drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water from a water ionizer machine!

A Tyent Water Ionizer looks great in your kitchen and keeps the whole family hydrated and buzzing with naturally occurring, bio-available hydrogen and powerful antioxidants.

Click on our FREE Water Report and call our friendly team today to find out how a water ionizer will kick your 2019 off to your best start ever.

Good luck with your new year resolutions!

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Epsom Salt: 6 Health Benefits

Epsom salt is a time-tested mineral compound that provides a number of health benefits. Find out what they are here!

In this article:

  1. History and Discovery
  2. What is Epsom Salt?
  3. What Does Epsom Salt Do?
  4. Epsom Salt Benefits
  5. Epsom Salt Uses
  6. List of Top 6 Epsom Salt Benefits

How Epsom Salt Can Improve Your Health


History and Discovery

While it is impossible to know how many people use Epsom salt, you can find this mineral in many homes across the globe.

There are various Epsom salt uses, both for human health and around the home. Epsom salt bath benefits include relaxation, the promotion of sleep, healthy skin and soothing of achy bones, joints, and muscles.

This mineral has been around for centuries. In 1618, a farmer in Epsom, England, discovered the mineral with help from his cows. The said cows reportedly refused to drink from a certain mineral well. When he tried the water himself, he found it had a very bitter flavor. Despite its bitter taste, the water helped heal skin rashes and scratches. In the centuries that followed, researchers have learned a lot about it and its health benefits. People still use Epsom salt today.

What is Epsom Salt?

Spoon salt sugar soda glass water | What is Epsom Salt? | Epsom Salt: Health Benefits

Despite its name, Epsom salt is not like the salt you put in food. Early users may have called it Epsom salt because of its chemical structure or because it has a white powdery appearance that resembles table salt. While it looks like table salt, Epsom salt tastes quite different; it has a very bitter flavor. Even so, some people dissolve it in water and drink it.

It is a chemical compound that includes magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. The health benefits of Epsom salt probably come from its magnesium component. Unfortunately, many people do not get enough magnesium in their diets. That’s where Epsom salt becomes useful.

What Does Epsom Salt Do?

Magnesium is the seventh most abundant mineral on the earth’s crust. It is never found “free” in nature, though. This means magnesium is always bound to something else. This makes it difficult to get enough magnesium.

When dissolved in water, Epsom salt releases magnesium and sulfate atoms, known as ions. Soaking in this special bath presents the body with the magnesium and sulfur it needs for optimal health.

Epsom Salt Benefits

Smile salt on wood background | Epsom Salt Benefits | Epsom Salt: Health Benefits

In its earliest days, people consumed Epsom salt to treat constipation, fibromyalgia, and insomnia. Scientists are still working to find out how Epsom salt can treat these conditions.

Today, magnesium is in a number of products. Magnesium supplements are available in non-prescription pill form, for example. These products pale in comparison to Epsom though.

Magnesium plays a role in more than 300 chemical reactions throughout the human body, according to the National Institutes of Health. The mineral helps the body make proteins, for example. Magnesium helps muscles and nerves function properly. It also helps control blood sugar levels and regulates blood pressure.

The magnesium in Epsom salt is important for energy production and other processes. It also keeps bones strong, improves communication in nerves, and helps the heart maintain its normal rhythm.

Additionally, magnesium is also essential for quality sleep. This is because magnesium helps the body produce melatonin, according to research. Melatonin is a hormone that promotes sleep. The relaxing effects of melatonin also reduce stress. An Epsom salt bath gives the skin a chance to absorb all the magnesium it needs for a silky feel and optimal health.

Epsom salt is great for the skin. This natural mineral compound makes magnesium available to promote healing of skin wounds and irritation.

This mineral can reduce pain and swelling as well. Pain and swelling can significantly decrease a person’s quality of life. Many people want to relieve pain without the use of dangerous drugs. Epsom salt can alleviate pain without risky opioids or other pain relievers.

Epsom Salt Uses

An Epsom salt bath is one of the most popular uses of this natural mineral. It supports exercise performance and recovery. Soaking in a warm bath can relax muscles and promote healing.

Soaking for 12-15 minutes in a warm Epsom salt bath detoxifies your body from toxins, but prolonged exposure may result in dehydration. Magnesium has laxative effects so absorbing it on a daily basis may not be a very good idea. With that said, the best time to soak would be during stressful days.

To avoid dehydration, drink alkaline water. It not only replenishes the moisture in your body, but it also helps lessen the acidity in the body.

The magnesium component in the bath has been known to calm anxiety as well as lower blood pressure.  You can also reduce ankle sprains with an Epsom salt foot soak. Add 2 cups of Epsom salt to 1 gallon of water for maximum effects.

Consumers can also apply Epsom salt directly to their skin as a cosmetic since it slows down skin aging. It leaves the skin feeling soft and silky. You can make a gentle scrub this by mixing it with lavender oil and petroleum jelly.

List of Top 6 Epsom Salt Benefits

Beautiful Young Woman Taking care | List of Top 6 Epsom Salt Benefits | Epsom Salt: Health Benefits

This mineral offers various health benefits both inside and outside the body. The top 6 most recognized benefits include:

  1. A relaxing bath – It helps relax tired muscles and ease anxious nerves.
  2. Soft, silky skin – It can be added to your daily facial cleansing routine to moisturize dead skin cells.
  3. Digestive health – The natural chemicals found in the salt detoxifies toxins from the body, most especially the digestive system.
  4. Quality sleep – Since it eases anxiety, regular Epsom salt soaks can help you get a better night’s sleep.
  5. Relief from muscle aches, stiffness, pain – Magnesium’s anti-inflammatory property would help relieve muscle-related problems.
  6. Optimal healing – Detoxification using Epson salt, then hydrating yourself with alkaline water will definitely give you optimal health.


Find out four new ways to use Epsom salt from DoctorOz:

Epsom salt is one of the most useful mineral compounds found in nature. For optimal health and wellness, add this mineral to your bath and to your daily health routine. You can add it directly to the water or you create homemade bath bombs for a more interesting experience. However way you want to do it, you’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits of Epsom salt.

What other benefits of Epsom salt do you know? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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How To Drink More Water | 11 Ways To Stay Hydrated

Learn how to drink more water and stay hydrated throughout the day by reading the 11 tips listed below.

In this article:

  1. Start the Day with Water
  2. Drink Water Only
  3. Add a Little Flavor
  4. Chase Sugary Drinks with Water
  5. Drink Tea and Alkaline Water
  6. Own a Great Portable Water Container
  7. Always Refill
  8. Have a Dedicate Water Pitcher in the Fridge
  9. Set Reminders and Goals
  10. Eat Foods with High Water Content
  11. Drink Water for Every Activity

How to Drink More Water: Start with These 11 Easy Ways


1. Start the Day with Water

Start the Day with Water | How To Drink More Water | Ways To Stay Hydrated

Make drinking a tall glass of water the first thing you do right when you get up in the morning. When you do this often enough, it’ll become part of your daily routine in no time.

2. Drink Water Only

Every time you have the urge to reach for a can of soda, don’t give in! Reach for a glass of water instead. The moment you stop drinking all other types of drinks, your dependence on them goes away, too.

Giving up sodas won’t just get you to drink more water. It’ll also help you lessen your daily sugar and calorie intake!

Tip: If you really can’t get over your soda cravings, try drinking sparkling water instead. It’ll give you the same carbonated and fizzy feeling that soda gives but without the extra sugar.

3. Add a Little Flavor

Add a Little Flavor | How To Drink More Water | Ways To Stay Hydrated

Let’s admit one thing—water doesn’t really taste like anything. Its lack of flavor is probably one of the reasons why you don’t get to drink more of it every day.

Try infusing your drinking water with sugar-free flavorings so it isn’t so bland. Adding a little flavor to your water will make it more interesting and can encourage you to drink more. Plus, it’s a way for you to get creative with your water! Alkaline flavored water is one nutrient-rich drink you can try.

Here’s a list of natural ingredients you can use to infuse you drinking with:

  • Cucumbers slices
  • Ginger slices
  • Lemon wedges
  • Lemongrass bundles
  • Crushed berries

4. Chase Sugary Drinks with Water

If you really can’t get through the day without having a non-water beverage, try this one out: Every time you drink, for example, a cup of coffee, make sure you chase it with a glass or two of water right after. Doing this accomplishes two things. One, drinking water right after helps dilute the amount of sugar you just ingested. Two, it’ll also help flush out all the preservatives from your body.

Tip: Don’t eliminate sugary drinks from your diet abruptly. Try drinking one less sugar drink in your daily diet and replace it with a glass of water instead.

5. Drink Tea and Alkaline Water

Drink Tea and Alkaline Water | How To Drink More Water | Ways To Stay Hydrated

You aren’t just limited to drinking water if you want to stay hydrated. Another good way to drink more water is to down caffeine-free tea. Tea is also a source of antioxidants so it’s both tasty and good for you.

If you’re not a tea-drinker, try sipping on alkaline water. It’s all-natural and sugar-free.

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6. Own a Great Portable Water Container

Another way for you to drink more water is to bring some wherever you go. You can do this by getting your hands on a sturdy portable water container you’re comfortable bringing around every day.

When you have a portable water container with you all the time, you’ll be more motivated to drink more of it within the day.

You’ll also save a lot of money because you won’t have to buy bottled water from the convenience stores. Getting your own water jug also lessens the amount of plastic waste you’ll contribute to the environment.

Here are a couple of features you should look for when choosing your own portable water container:

  • Multi-purpose – filter out water impurities like heavy metals, chlorine, and insecticides
  • Portable for work, home, travel, hiking, and other outdoor activities
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Fits inside your home and work refrigerator

Tip:  Make sure to clean your portable water container regularly, too!

7. Always Refill

Now that you have your own portable water container, don’t just make it your goal to finish its contents. Take it a step further by refilling it after you’ve drunk all the water in it. Refilling your jug is another way to motivate yourself to drink more water.

8. Have a Dedicate Water Pitcher in the Fridge

If lugging around a portable water container isn’t something you’re willing to do, an alternative is to buy yourself a glass water pitcher, make sure it’s always filled with water, and keep in the office fridge. This way you’ll have a ready supply of cold water waiting for you during your lunch and snack break.

Tip: Measure the spaces of your office fridge before you actually buy one. If a glass pitcher doesn’t fit your liking, plastic BPA-free pitcher is the next best alternative.

9. Set Reminders and Goals

Another way for you to drink more water is to set a “drink water alarm” on your phone. Every time the alarm rings, promise yourself that you’ll drink one glass of water.

You can also set short- and long-term goals to help you get into the habit of drinking more water. For example, you can make it your daily goal to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. An example of a long-term goal would be to eliminate non-water drinks from your diet.

Here are a couple of reminder and tracker apps you can download right on your phone to help you drink more water:

  • Daily Water App
  • Eight Glasses a Day
  • Hydrate Daily
  • iDrated Water
  • Spire
  • Water Alert
  • Water Drink Reminder
  • WaterMinder
  • Waterlogged

10. Eat Foods with High Water Content

Eat Foods with High Water Content | How To Drink More Water | Ways To Stay Hydrated

Drinking water isn’t the only way to stay hydrated. Eating foods with high water content also helps to get more water into your system. Raw and fresh fruits and vegetables are the best examples of these foods.

Try to incorporate these fruits and vegetables with high water content into your diet:

  • Beets
  • Berries
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Cucumbers
  • Lettuce
  • Melon, watermelon, and cantaloupe
  • Pineapples
  • Tomatoes

11. Drink Water for Every Activity

Here’s an easy way to make a routine out of drinking water. Every time you send a text message or finish a phone call, drink a glass of water.

The key here is to associate the act of drinking water with a recurring task. This way, drinking water becomes routinary, too.

Tip: If you’re not a frequent caller or texter, you can associate water drinking with other recurring activities. For example, dedicate yourself to drinking a glass of water right after you upload an Instagram post or update your Facebook status.


Check out these fruit infused water recipes by Clean & Delicious:

With these tips, you now know 11 different ways on how to drink more water every day. Drinking water regularly doesn’t just help you stay hydrated. It also promotes regular digestion and even boosts the immune system. When you start to drink more water, you’ll be much closer to living a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Do you have more questions about how to drink more water every day? Ask them in the comments section below!

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7 Water Ionizer Benefits!

To better understand the advantages of alkaline water, here are the 7 benefits of ionizing water.

In this article:

  1. Avoid Dehydration
  2. Antioxidants to Combat Free Radicals
  3. Weight Loss Support
  4. Hydrogen Water Benefits
  5. Mineral Water
  6. How To Wash Fruits and Vegetables
  7. Clean, Safe Water You Can Trust

Water Ionizing Benefits That Boost Your Health


Water Ionizing Definition: The process of raising water pH to alkalinity by electrolysis.

Praises for Ionizing Water

water ionizer | 7 Benefits of Water Ionizing
We always love to hear someone singing our praises!

You know that alkaline water delivers all kinds of brilliant benefits, but what are the top reasons that most people sing the praises of their water ionizer? We’ve rounded up the 7 most awesome, life-enhancing aspects of owning an alkaline water ionizer machine and having that fabulous alkaline water literally on tap!

1. Avoid Dehydration

All water quenches your thirst, but ionized alkaline water is up to 6 times more hydrating than regular water, which is great news for athletes or anyone who enjoys working up a thirst playing sports.

2. Antioxidants to Combat Free Radicals

According to, “free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage cells causing aging and illness.” We all know by now that free radicals are the bad guys, thriving in our bodies to accelerate aging and decay. But, did you know that ionized alkaline water is jam-packed full of antioxidants that help neutralize those pesky free radicals? Antioxidants essentially lessen the negative effects of free radicals by providing the electron free radicals are missing. In doing so, the reactivity of free radicals is reduced

3. Weight Loss Support

Alkaline water can help you lose any excess weight that’s bothering you while boosting your overall health in the process!

4. Hydrogen Water Benefits

Hydrogen is really astonishing stuff, and ionized alkaline water is brimming with it. The stuff of life itself — hydrogen’s positive effect on our bodies — is constantly stunning the medical profession. A pilot study took a look at the effects of hydrogen water, specifically for muscle fatigue. The results showed that athletes that hydrated with hydrogen water displayed improved muscle function and lower blood lactate levels.

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5. Mineral Water

Unlike distilled water which often removes both the positive and negative minerals, alkaline water is rich with them. Even better, those minerals become more bioavailable as a result of the ionization process — meaning your body receives and utilizes the minerals more effectively.

6. How To Wash Fruits and Vegetables

It’s Turbo water straight from your ionizer, brilliant stuff for around the house. Ditch the chemical cleaners and welcome a whole new way to keep your home clean!

7. Clean, Safe Water You Can Trust

ionizer benefits | 7 Benefits of Water Ionizing

In these days of escalating concern over America’s water, knowing that the water you and your family are drinking is clean and safe is not to be underestimated. The Tyent water ionizer filters water the same micron level as kidney dialysis machines, for complete peace of mind.

Let this infographic be your guide. Download it now and use it as a reference later.


infographic | 7 Water Ionizer Benefits!


With the ionizing benefits listed above, you’ll have more reasons to drink alkaline water at home. Getting an alkaline water ionizer for your family makes every drop of water at home healthier and cleaner. So, don’t miss out on the incredible benefits of alkaline water and grab your own ionizer now!

Do you have a water ionizer at home? What do you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on October 11, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.